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MFA, Musical Theatre - Curriculum

Musical Theatre Brand

SDSU’s MFA Musical Theatre Program is an intensive 60-unit curriculum that is designed to be completed in two years, over four consecutive semesters, with one summer break.


Theatre 555B: Musical Theatre Movement/Dance (4 semesters)

Jazz, tap, and musical-theatre dance styles.

Theatre 600: Writing for Theatre

Introduction to bibliographic tools and techniques as they relate to theatre research; use of the library and Musical Theatre Archive; and practical applications of presentation, video, and library software.

Theatre 620 A & B: History of Musical Theatre (2-semester seminar)

Examines the development of Musical Theatre as an art form from its ancestors and antecedents in the 19th century to today’s contemporary musical theatre writers.

Theatre 622 A & B: History of Musical Theatre Lab (2-semester lab)

Students will individually research and prepare multi-media presentations and informational packets on creative teams and significant events in American history to put the development of musical theater in a historical context. Taught in conjunction with Theatre 620 A & B.

Theatre 623: Musical Theatre Script and Score Analysis (seminar)

Students read, discuss and apply the concepts of analysis of story, lyric and music for use in teaching and coaching the performing artist.

Theatre 627: Musical Theatre Studio (4-semester studio)

Acting, singing, movement, skill synthesis, and repertoire expansion in relation to musical theatre performance.

Theatre 630: Private Voice Instruction (4-semester studio)

Private voice instruction with an emphasis on healthy full-range vocal production for the musical theatre.

Theatre 659: Musical Theatre Stage Direction (seminar)

Directing for musical theatre, including a survey of musical-theatre directors, and exercises in directing musical theatre songs and scenes.

Theatre 696: Special Topics in Theatre: Rehearsal Methods for the Musical Theatre Director

This class will concentrate on the rehearsal methods used by directors in the process of directing musical numbers and scenes within the context of directing a directing a full length musical.

Theatre 746: Theatre Internship

Field experience in musical theatre.

Theatre 799A: Project Report (PLAN A)

Preparation of a Project Report for students in the MFA Musical Theatre Program under PLAN A.

Theatre 795: Practicum in Theatre Arts

Faculty-supervised projects that culminate in public performance. MFA Musical Theatre students are required to perform for course credit to earn their degree.