School of Theatre, Television and Film

Production and Classroom Facilities

Costume shop


Scenic Studio
The Scenic Studio is located next to the wagon house and the Experimental Theatre. It houses all necessary wood and metal-working equipment. At the far end of the wagon house is a full-stage (20’ X 50’) electrically-operated paint frame. The paint area and a ventilated spray booth are adjacent. Click here to view the Scenic Studio photo gallery.

Costume and Make-up Facilities
The costume and make-up facilities share the lower level of the building along with a design and construction research library.  There is a large costume studio equipped with industrial machinery and specialty machines such as a patcher and walking foot machine.  The studio has ample room for 2 draper teams and extra work tables.  The wig and make up studio contains wig making and styling stations and a wig dryer.  There is a crafts studio and a ventilated dye room with commercial dye equipment.  The costume department houses the Alicia Annas Historical Collection - an historical costume collection with over 2,000 garments from 1840’s to 1950’s (with the oldest garment from the 1700’s) and a Contemporary Study Collection featuring garments from the 1960’s to the present, including many examples of work by designers such as Chanel and Givenchy.  Click here to view the Costume gallery.

Light Lab
The Light Lab contains a variety of equipment – from the classic Fresnel and Source 4 junior to moving lights and ETC LED cyc fixtures.  The lab is designed for versatility and complete flexibility for student experimentation and self-learning.  Lighting grad students have full access to the light lab for class projects, mock-ups, and free-flowing idea development.  The lab is controlled by an ETC Element console and has its own dedicated ladders, gel and gobo stock, a white cyc or full traveling black, as well as a small sound system and fog machine.

3D Fab Lab
The 3D Fab Lab contains an array of 3D fabrication technology such as 3D printers and 3D scanning equipment.


Television and Film

Equipment Checkout
Equipment Checkout houses a full complement of production gear including DV cameras, HDV cameras, 16 and super-16 mm film cameras, studio lights, location lighting kits, grip and gaffing support gear including several grip and mounting kits, a pneumatic dolly, doorway dolly, camera mounts, digital (solid-state) and analogue audio recorders, and two digital sound effects libraries. The film cameras include CP-16-R (super-16 conversions) and CP-16-A sound cameras as well as Cannon MOS cameras. Click here to view the Equipment Checkout gallery.


Located in the Communication Building, Studio A has two full-time support engineers. The studio is outfitted with a Master Control area, three studio pedestal-mounted studio cameras, an automated lighting console, Mole-Richardson lighting, an audio control suite with digital audio console, state-of-the-art digital switcher, chroma-key wall and CG.

Studio C
Studio C stands as a “shell” equipped with 300 amps of electrical power and a scene dock with a variety of flats used to create sets. Advanced and graduate student filmmakers use Studio C to build free-standing sets for single-camera style shoots.

Post Production
The Post Production facility includes one room dedicated to ADR and foley sound work. This room includes a Pro Tools TDM system, and is acoustically engineered for voice-over recording and ADR work. Each editing room in the post facility is equipped with Apple G5 quad processor hardware and Apple Final Cut Studio Suite. These computers also include the Adobe Creative Suite and many other applications relevant to production work. Additionally, there are several rooms outfitted with Pro Tools, including one high-end Pro Tools TDM System with 24-bit sound and a robotically controlled external mixing board (a Mackie HUI). Software is being continuously updated and expanded.

Computer Lab
The Computer Lab is equipped with 20 Macintosh Quad processor G5 computers. This lab supports the new TFM Maya Animation, Editing and After Effects Compositing curriculum.

Scene Shop
The Scene Shop is located in the Little Theatre building. It contains all the necessary equipment for wood and metal-working projects. It is used to build sets for use in Studio A or C and gives students experience in set design.