School of Theatre, Television and Film

TFM Undergraduate Petitioning Process

The TFM major is impacted, which means there are far more students wishing to declare the major than we have rooms, equipment, or teachers to accommodate.  Acceptance into the Production Major is separate from acceptance to the University, and you must submit a petition portfolio following your acceptance into the University to be considered for the major. This is normally done around the student’s 3rd or 4th semester at SDSU.

Your Petition Portfolio

In order to advance into the TFM Production Emphasis you must meet the following minimum requirements:

    Complete TFM 160 and THEA 100 with a grade of B or higher.
    Complete a minimum of 15 transferable semester units.
    Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher.

Students who meet these requirements will submit a Request to Apply form (pdf format ONLY - link below) to Angie Parkhurst,, who will send directions on how to be added to the petitioning Blackboard group. Your application area will show up in the “Applicants” tab on the left side of the page.

The following material will be submitted in the Production Emphasis Application Form (see link below)

    A personal statement. Included in the form.
    A creative story treatment for a 1-3 min production (fiction or nonfiction). Included in the form.
    Samples of visual creative work. Linked in the form, uploaded to Blackboard, or submitted separately.
    Transcripts (may be unofficial) from all colleges attended. Uploaded to Blackboard.
    Two letters of recommendation (must be signed and dated). Emailed directly to


Submitting Your Petition Portfolio

Digital submission is required. If you wish you can hand deliver or mail selected elements, such as a usb drive, printed artwork, or letters of recommendation. Be sure to note on the Blackboard site any materials you will be submitting directly to the TTF office.

Hand deliver or mail your portfolio to the School of Theatre, Television, and Film.

  • Send to:
  • TFM Petitioning Committee
  • School of Theatre, Television, and Film
  • San Diego State University
  • 5500 Campanile Drive
  • San Diego, CA 92182-7601

  • Hand deliver to: Theatre, Television and Film Office: DA 201

Students can petition for the TFM major twice.


Spring Entrance: Second Monday in October, 3:30 PM
Fall Entrance: Second Monday in April, 3:30 PM

Late or incomplete portfolios will not be reviewed nor will they count as a petitioning attempt.
Students are allowed to petition for the TFM major twice.


Required Materials

Please make sure to click on the following links below:

They provide valuable information and will answer many of your questions.