School of Theatre, Television and Film

We wish to thank the following donors for their significant support for the School of Theatre, Television, and Film.

To learn more about supporting TTF, please contact Elise Moersch at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or by phone at 619-594-8299.

Donor List 2005-2015

ACTF Mangement, LTD - Region VIII
Brock Allen and Barbara Allen
Frank Almond, Ph.D.
Alicia Annas
Assoc of CA St Univ Professors
Joseph Fisch and Joyce Axelrod
John Fletcher and Norval Bhendra
Ron Bills
Thomas Bollard
Marlene Bracken
Bravo San Diego Performing Arts Fnd
Alison Bretches
John Brown
Julia Brown
Stephen and Robin Ching
Ben and Kathee Christensen
Cinema Society
Meridith Kaye Clark
Ben and Nikki Clay
Judith Howard Collier
Charles Cotton
David Dare
Richard Davis and Brita Colburn Davis
Ronald Dietz
Elaine Lipinsky & The Elaine Lipinsky Family Foundation
Eli Lilly and Company
Joshua Ellis
Edward Etess
Danah Fayman
Bruce Fischer
Tiffany Fisher
John Martin and Katherine Fitzhugh
Ralph Funicello
Paul and Sally Gazzerro
Dan Gilbreath
June and Hirsch Gottschalk
Jill Gould
Sheryl Harris
Fred Harrison
Michael and Anne-Charlotte Harvey
Richard and Jane Haskel
Ronald and Susan Heller
Pamela Hemker
Jeff Henseler
William Irish
Jewish Community Foundation
Phil Johnson
Jeanne Jones
Julia Richardson Brown Foundation
Paula Kalustian
Koji Kasuyama and Susan Kasuyama
Kathyrn Fishback
Brett Kelly
James Kennedy
Dan Kirsch
Bernard Kulchin
Sami Ladeki
Maureen Lamberti
Patricia Launer, Ph.D.
Hannah Jane Ledyard
Leslie Leech
Marvin and Reinette Levine
Marshall Lewis and Judy Price Lewis, Ph.D.
Charles and Robin Luby
Peter and Rene Maier
Carlos Malamud
Mandell Weiss Charitable Trust
Patricia Marino
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall
Elliot and Marjorie Martin
Maeve Martin
Henry McAdams, Ph.D.
Kenneth McCabe
Mary McCabe
Nan McDonald, Ed.D.
Margaret McKerrow, Ph.D.
Martin and Toni McKerrow
Meeting Services, Inc.
Christopher Moad
Esther Nahama
Terry O’Donnell, Ph.D.
Helen Ofield and Jack Ofield
Andrew Olson, Ph.D.
Michael Pack and Christine Pack
Michael Perkins and Anne Turhollow
Ralph and Eva Pesqueira
Leroy Phelps, Ph.D.
Daniel Prentice, Ph.D.
Renaissance Charitable Fdn., Inc.
Gerald Reynolds and Christa Reynolds
Patricia Roscoe
Kathleen Ross and Dominic Favaloro-Ross
Geraldine and Norman Rost
Rotary Club of San Diego
Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza
Jon and Terry Sattler
Joe and Linda Satz
Michele Schlecht and Richard Covey
Kathryn Schreiber
Loren Schreiber
SD Asian American Repertory Theatre
Darlene and Donald Shiley
Kathleen Shultz
Sonia and Fred Silverstein
Rick Simas
Sarah Slaughter
Jane Smith
Spector Fund
Alan Spector and Nancy Spector
Brian Spector
Sheldon Spector
Clarence “Dude” Stephenson and Catherine Stephenson
Eugene Summ
Norma Summersgill
George Sunga and Judith Sunga
Paula Taylor
The Acorn Foundation
The Blanchard Foundation
The Boston Foundation
The Kennedy Center
The San Diego Foundation
The Yip Harburg Foundation, Inc.
Nore Thiesfeld and Nancy Thiesfeld
Thomas Ackerman Foundation
Howard and Leslie Toole
Yaron Tov
Kenneth and Joyce Ulrich
Edward Underwood
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Jane and Arthur Vidal
Viejas Enterprises
Fred Walker
Carey Gail Wall, Ph.D.
Debra Jane Wanger
Wells Fargo Bank
Westgate Hotel
Barbara Whelan
Jack and Judith White
Carole Wilson
Karin Winner
John and Mercedes Witherspoon
John Wolfe
Gary and Kathryn Wong
Mitchell Yaruss
Glenda Yeargain
Thomas Hoyt and Carolyn Zawacki

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