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Film Festivals From Around The World

The amount of festivals in the United States alone has grown from a few hundred in 1990 to over a thousand in 2000 - and it keeps on growing! The history of festivals dates back to the 1930’s and 1940’s, when powerhouses including Berlin, Cannes and Venice got their humble starts. Just like the Academy Awards, these festivals soon realized that in order to attract attention, they needed strong marketing and the ultimate form of power - Hollywood stars.

- By Steve Montal
  Copyright 2001
  Excerpt from “The Movie Business Book”

Of course, independent film festivals are also on the rise along with student film festivals as a stand-alone and within larger festivals, taking their respective turns in the limelight. The not-so-star-studded festival might draw you in. And you may find yourself - like TFM graduate student Dawn Poomee - running down the aisle to receive an award. Just as Dawn received the Best Short Film award for her film For the Oysters at the Temecula Film Festival.

The following is a small list of film festivals accepting entries. There are several sites available to help you find more film festivals that are happening around the world ... hundreds ... thousands more! And if you win an award - let us know!

Check out one of the following: