School of Theatre, Television and Film

Student Juries

Design / Performance Jury

Each spring the department holds a day long event that brings six nationally renown professionals to campus to view and critique student work. The process is unique because students show their work as collaborators in groups organized as producing units: director, designers, and cast. The productions presented vary each year. They may be plays, musicals, operas, and with the recent addition of film and television to the department, one of the three groups seen during the day, presents a film adaptation of the theatrical production. In a short talk, the director explains what he or she intended. Then the designers show models, plans, renderings, and briefly explain their work. After a short scene from the play, the jurors can see what a full production would be like and they can then discuss, critique, question, and sometimes praise the work. Just a few of the many professionals who have taken part and return year after year are Edward Albee, Ming Cho Lee, Jack O’Brien, and Martin Benson.