School of Theatre, Television and Film

Student Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Theatre of San Diego State University offers a number of scholarships and awards. Announcements about applications and their due dates are made early each Spring. You can’t receive a scholarship unless you apply!

The Marion Ross Fellowship

The Marion Ross Fellowship is awarded to one or more graduate students with a demonstrated excellence in acting. Students awarded this fellowship may be offered the opportunity to teach a course for the Department (e.g., Theatre 115 or Theatre 315). The fellowship award is approximately $2000-$2500. Ms. Ross also offers a substantial scholarship to an outstanding undergraduate student in the area of acting.

The Theatre Department presently awards eight other scholarships in honor of Marion Ross, Sybil Eliza Jones, Drama Patron, Gordon Lusk, Hunton Sellman, Clarence (Dude) Stephenson Bill Hektner, Mack Owen, and Henry Stanton. These awards average between $200.00 and $1500.00. Awards are based on four criteria:

  • performance achievement
  • academic scholarship
  • financial need, and
  • the student’s record of campus and/or community involvement in the area of theatre

Other departmental recognition awards do not require an application, and are determined by a vote of the faculty and staff. They are as follows.


The Outstanding New Student Award

Awarded to a first-year student, Freshman or undergraduate transfer, who has demonstrated outstanding work in the department.


The Departmental Service Award

Awarded to the student who has provided the greatest amount of service to the department in any capacity.


The Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Awarded to the student who has been outstanding in terms of production, service, and GPA in Theatre Arts classes.


The Outstanding Graduate Student

Awarded to the graduate student who has displayed excellence in production and/or academic work.

All awards and scholarships are announced in a special Theatre Department Awards Ceremony held at the end of each Spring semester.


Television and Film

Within the Television and Film area, there are recognition awards given out each spring. These awards do not require an application and are determined by a vote of the faculty and staff. Awards include:

  • Excellence in Cinematography
  • Excellence in Sound Design
  • Excellence in Direction
  • Excellence in Producing
  • Excellence in Scriptwriting
  • Excellence in Television
  • Outstanding Narrative Film
  • Outstanding Experimental Film
  • Outstanding Documentary
  • Outstanding Animation
  • Outstanding Music Video
  • Outstanding Graduating Student in TFM
  • Outstanding Service to TFM

Awards are announced at the spring TFM Festival.


National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Call for Scholarship Applications, learn more about NATAS Scholarships….

Be sure to check the TFM bulletin board in LT 171 for television and film related scholarships, grants and awards. Stay informed!