Musical Theatre Archive

Over its long history, the SDSU MFA Musical Theatre Program has amassed an extensive collection of librettos, manuscripts, vocal scores, vocal selection books, composer songbooks, song sheets and anthologies, reference books, audio and video recordings, programs, playbills, posters, clipping files and memorabilia, much of which is unpublished, out-of-print, or unavailable elsewhere. These collections are housed in our Musical Theatre Archive, the only university archive/study facility of its kind on the West Coast.

SDSU’s Musical Theatre Archive is a multi-use space for our graduate students: a library/computer, lab/office, and lounge area where they can read, study, write papers, digitize materials, create cutting-edge audio-visual presentations, and relax between classes and rehearsals. Through its archive and collections, course work, productions, special projects and community events, the SDSU MFA Musical Theatre Program plays a vital role in training the next generation of musical-theatre artists and educators; cultivating knowledgeable, enthusiastic audiences; and ensuring the future of this important, unique American art form.

The SDSU MFA Musical Theatre Archive was established in 2005 by Dr. Rick Simas and made possible by generous donations from Dr. Carey Wall.