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Theatre Arts - B.A., Applied Arts and Sciences

Emphasis in Youth Theatre

Undergraduate Catalog Checklist

The Theatre Arts major is an Impacted program. To be advanced from the pre-major into the Youth Theatre major, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete Theatre 100, 120, 130, and TFM 160 with a grade of C or higher.  These courses may not be taken for credit/no credit (C/NC).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.4 or higher.

Check for prerequisites before registering for classes. You must have completed the prerequisites for the course you are registering for, or have completed the equivalent of the prerequisite from another school if you are a transfer student.


PREPARATION for the Major: Lower Division Requirements (18 Units)
____TFM 160 - Cinema as Art, 3 units
____Theatre 100 - The Art of Theatre, 3 units
____Theatre 111 - Voice and Movement, 3 units
____Theatre 120 - Heritage of Storytelling, 3 units
____Theatre 130 - Acting I, 3 units
____Theatre 240 - Theatre Design and Technology I, 3 units


MAJOR: Upper Division Requirements
____Theatre 310 - Creative Drama, 3 units
____Theatre 315 - Theatre for Young Audiences, 3 units
____Theatre 325 - Script Analysis, 3 units
____Theatre 359 - Directing I, 3 units
____Theatre 446A - Practicum in Performance (Running Crew - Sets, Lights), 2 units
____Theatre 446B - Practicum in Performance (Running Crew-Costumes), 2 units
____Theatre 460A - History of the Theatre, 3 units
____Theatre 460B - History of the Theatre, 3 units
____Theatre 510 - Creative Drama and Language Arts, 3 units
____Theatre 580 - Theatre in the Classroom, 3 units


Three units (3) to be selected from among the following:
____Theatre 329A - Practicum in Theatre for Young Audiences, 2 units
____Theatre 329B - Practicum in Theatre for Young Audiences, 1 unit
____Theater 335 - Stage Management Theory, 3 units
____Theater 336 - Stage Management Practicum, 3 units
____Theatre 440 - Scene Design I, 3 units
____Theatre 447 - Lighting Design I, 3 units
____Theatre 452 - Costume Design I, 3 units
____Theatre 459 - Directing II, 3 units
____Theatre 470 - Facility Operations and Management for the Theater, 3 units
____Theatre 476 - Event Coordination and the Entertainment Industry, 3 units


Total Upper Division: 31 units


____Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement: Passing the Writing Proficiency Assessment with a score of 10 or above; or Rhetoric and Writing 305W or 500W, with a grade of C (2.0) or better.


This checklist does not address your General Education requirements.

This major does not require a minor.