School of Theatre, Television and Film

Theatre Arts - Overview

Theatre Arts Overview and Emphasis within the Degree

Leading to a B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences

For undergraduates the Department of Theatre offers:

  1. The General Theatre Arts Program
  2. an Emphasis in Performance
  3. an Emphasis in Design & Technology for the Theatre
  4. an Emphasis in Design for TV and Film
  5. an Emphasis in Children’s Drama
  6. and a Minor in Theatre

Our theatre major is “impacted,” meaning there are many more students wishing to declare the major than we have room to accommodate.


If you wish to declare Theatre as your major, you must first register as a Pre-Major.


Each Theatre Emphasis has a very specific course sequence, plus various electives, which the student must follow in order to have the Emphasis designated on the diploma.


The Undergraduate advisor, C.J. Keith, in DA 209, can give you a Checklist of Courses for your area of emphasis. Please be aware that, in order to help you get the maximum from each sequence, the Department has put specific prerequisites in place for most courses. Our department is committed to checking for and observing those prerequisites. Also, many courses have specific prerequisites which are listed under the course descriptions in the catalog and the schedule of classes.


If you have specific questions about any of the emphases, or about the career potential of any of the emphases, you should talk to the faculty adviser in each area:


General Theatre Arts Major and
the Minor in Theatre Arts

C.J. Keith (DA 204C)

Randy Reinholz (DA 202)

Design and Technology for Theatre, and Design for TV/Film
Craig Wolf (DA 2O5)

Child Drama
Margaret Larlham (DA 208)