School of Theatre, Television and Film


November 2 - 11, 2018

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by Milta Ortiz
Experimental Theatre

Más is a docudrama about the dismantling of Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American Studies program or MAS. This cultural conflict is brought to life in an abstract sweat lodge where dancers represent the Mexican deities of life’s natural forces. Más engages the audience in the debates around the passage in 2010 of Arizona House Bill 2281, which effectively banned the MAS program. The play’s balance of poetry and reenactment captures the soul of the movement as well as telling a contemporary story of community.

Seating Policy

Late seating is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. Patrons arriving after the start of the performance will be seated at the first available opportunity at the discretion of the house manager.

Children under the age of four are not permitted in the theatre, except for productions identified as “theatre for youth”. Each individual attending the performance must have a ticket.

Ticket Prices

$20 General, $17 Students/Seniors